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Arcadia Valley Visitor’s Center and Iron County Historical Society Museum

Located in the old Arcadia-Ironton Railroad Depot at the junction of Highways 21 and 72 in Arcadia, (map us), the Arcadia Valley Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Center and Iron County Historical Society Museum offers visitors the convenience of finding information on area current events and tourism as well as the history of Iron County, in one place.

When you step inside the Iron County Historical Society Museum, you immediately step back in time.  The local historical society, which was incorporated on July 16, 1974 contains a treasure trove of personal items that encapsulate a good portion of the people of Iron County since the county was formed in 1857.  This history is recorded and preserved in photographs, personal items, books and technical devices covering over 140 years of history in Iron County.

The historic granite building houses the personal effects of the historical society.  Enjoy the walls of old photographs, numerous historical items and display cases filled with memories of past Iron County citizens.  One wooden and glass case is filled with personal items, such at hats, hair brushes, walking sticks, books, eye glasses, a clay pipe and many other items of interest.

A second case contains a Civil War collection of various items, such as remnants of the flag found on the battlefield after the Battle of Pilot Knob, telegrams from the war, a “perpetual diary” belonging to Capt. P. Ake, old photographs of Civil War veterans holding reunions, bullets and grape shot, a muster roll from the Civil War and more.  Another case contains women’s items, including hats, capes, bonnets and dresses.

The museum contains hundreds more items, including books, furniture, tools, local minerals, a wheat cradle, gramophone, a buggy foot warmer, school items, doctor’s instruments, embalming tools, a railroad collection and so much more.  The Iron County Historical Society contains an office and library, a collection of family histories, numerous publications for sale and other research material.

While visitors are welcome to browse the museum on their own, group tours can be scheduled by contacting Wilma Cofer at 573-546-2058.  For more information, write to PO Box 183, Ironton, MO 63650, visit or the Historical Society at 573-546-3513.

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